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My Thoughts: My Power is a raw and emotional depiction of what the author experienced in the last three years of her life. 

This powerful and heartfelt book is brutally honest and is filled with how the author manifested her thoughts into reality. By practicing the Law of Attraction, she vividly describes her journey from despair to success.

The author is motivated to inspire others and is often known as saying, she wants to "impact the masses, one soul at a time!"

This book is written in two languages, English and Spanish.  

Want to be happy? This book addresses a topic that may seem confrontational but makes a lot of sense! 

Stop blaming others for your problems and look at yourself first. Learn how to accept responsibility for your actions and why your life is the way that it is! That is the message Dolly Rosario brings to you!

Taking responsibility in her own life and making intentional decisions to choose a path of happiness is what she personally did! Pay attention as she teaches you her secrets!

She also introduces you to new power tools that will help you open your eyes and lead you to a path of happier life!

This book is written as an expression of love by the author to her fiance! 

A brave declaration and dedication as she shares their love story through poetry.

Dolly Rosario is living proof that the law of attraction exists for she lives her life based on this law. She is inspired to continue to share of her life through her books. The poetry is heartfelt, beautifully written and it takes you to the moments they share together. 

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