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Dolly Cortes  President & CEO Rose Gold Publishing LLC


Rose Gold Publishing, LLC began on August 1, 2018, with a mission, to help individuals Write to Heal from their past traumatic experiences so Their Voices Can Be Heard. I opened Rose Gold Publishing, LLC after writing four books. I realized I had healed through writing and I felt I needed to help others do the same. Upon launching the company, I immediately promoted my services and was able to acquire nine clients in my first year. I offered three packages, Let Me Hear You, Unstoppable, and Make It Happen! Each package includes unique benefits for our clients.

While working with my clients one on one, I realized, their stories were so important and magnificent that I had to celebrate them beyond publishing a book. At Rose Gold Publishing, we coach the clients for months, guiding them to write their stories. Our services take a non-writer, helps them become a writer and eventually a published author. The process involves heart work since most stories are of trauma.

Mid-way into my first year, I decided I would introduce the Annual Author’s Gala. I wanted each one to feel “complete,” as if “they arrived.” and so, I began the adventure of putting together an event which was filled with joy, elegance, love, and the utmost celebration that they had never experienced before on their own. When the authors walked into the venue, the lobby welcomed them with framed covers of their books and the harpist welcomed them with classical music that set the tone for the evening. This was for them.

I showcased the Gala by also highlighting it as the Official Book Launch event of the year for our nine authors. It included the authors getting on stage and sharing with the audience, their writing journey, and their story. It also included an amazing dinner, an open bar, a disc jockey, and dancing, of course! It became a memorable night and instantly it became the event of the year for our company. This event marked the one-year anniversary of our company.

Within four months of the event, I signed 21 new contracts with new potential authors. The excitement of becoming an author and sharing their stories on stage with loved ones present offered a sense of freedom and relief to them. Unfortunately, due to the existing pandemic, the 2020 Author’s Gala had to be postponed, but we tentatively scheduled the new event for July 9, 2021. We continue to add authors to our Rose Gold Family every day.

Some of the story topics we have published include Death, Grief, Domestic Violence, Kidnapping, Rape, and more. 

As the President & CEO of my company, I am proud to change and impact people’s lives every day and to change the meaning of “what once happened” to “how can we help someone else?”

If you are interested in writing your book, healing, and sharing your story to make a difference in someone else’s life, please visit my website at You can also schedule a FREE Discovery Session.


When Rose Gold Publishing, LLC was founded in 2018, by Dolly Cortes, she wanted a name that reflected the heartfelt work the company would be doing.

To Dolly, roses bring smiles. Almost every week her husband would bring her roses and it was a symbol of his love. 

Dolly loves roses and everything about it touches her heart. The scent is amazing and watching the blossoms slowly unfold to reveal a beautiful flower is incredible.

When Dolly thinks of Gold, it reminds her that it is a precious metal that represents distinction, luxury, quality, and value.

She made the decision that all of the work that Rose Gold Publishing would do for the authors would reflect beauty, love, quality, and value as they bloom in the journey of becoming an author.

Through the writing process, authors share their pain and empowering lessons with honor and grace. Rose Gold Publishing, LLC helps clients uncover the gold within and we see them blossom in their power right before our eyes. We encourage them to let their voices be heard.

It is our pleasure to uplift authors in sharing their stories and healing from their past traumatic and painful experiences. 

We look forward to healing the world, one story at a time. 

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