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Publish with Kindle Direct Publishing, and reach millions of readers on Amazon. Get to the market fast and appears on Kindle stores worldwide.

Book Development

Trouble with tone, organization or style? We can transform a good book into a great one. Our team of development writers work closely with you to enhance the structure and content of your book. We'll empower you to craft a powerful story that has greater impact. 

Custom Journals 

Let us design a custom journal that keeps your client motivated and encourages personal growth and positivity. It's the perfect companion product for your book. 

Read more aboutCustom Journals here.  


Editing and proofreading are an essential step before publication to ensure accuracy, consistency and quality. You don't want readers distracted by bad grammar and poor spelling. We'll spot and correct the spelling, grammar and typographical errors to ensure a top-quality manuscript. 


An author head-shot is part of every writer's marketing arsenal. It shows up on your blog, website and social media channels. 


More than pretty pictures, their illustrations give insight into the meaning of a manuscript. Our talented artists give life to your book. 

Book Cover and Interior design 

We'll format your book in a professional layout and create a unique cover that catches the eye and amplifies your message. 


Reach millions of buyers on Amazon. We submit your listing on Amazon and select the best category for your book.   


We also have the capability of translating your project up to 100 different languages. This price is based on the word count of your project. Once the manuscript has been received, a written quote will be provided. 

Audio Books 

The audio-book market is HUGE, and it would be another income stream for you if you made your books available in this platform to your readers. 

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